Tuesday, May 31

The Foundation Southwind AFL

Here is an interesting and colourful AFL code which i found it over the web coded by Mr.Southwind (Dont know who he was… But simply the AFL code reads so). This is a very simple and easy afl for beginners.
The Foundation by Souwind AFL
It is a combination of many good indicators. When i explored the AFL code it contains the Heiken Ashi candle and as usual ATR trailing stop loss line along with the Heiken Ashi candle. And more technical indications like Support-Resistance Pivot Basic Stochastic ,RSI, MACD, ADX and few more technical interpretations on the left side of the charting space. At a first time giving a impression that the trading system is much complicated. But it all just a combo Package of simple trading interpretations. Moreover I hadn’t explored much with this indicator. If you have free time then just go through the indicator.

The color of the Heiken Ashi candle shows blue color for the uptrend and yellow for the sideways trend and the red color to indicate the downtrend. The Colored Candles of  nifty daily chart is shown above.

Download The Foundation Southwind AFL

To Install this indicator
1) Extract the Foundation-Int.rar and save it in your local Hard disk drive
2) Copy JurikLib.dll and kpami.dll and paste it in your Amibroker Plugin folder which is by default C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Plugins
3) Copy T3_include.afl to the AFL formula-include folder which is by default C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Include
4) Copy The Foundation v13.00.afl and paste it in AFL formula-custom folder C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formulas\Custom
5) Now to view the charts Open Amibroker and goto File->New->New Chart
6) Then goto View->Charts and select the afl from the left plane under the Custom folder
7) Then set the background to black. To do so goto Tools->Preference and select the color tab and set the background color to Black

Its all done now the colourful AFL is ready! 

If you have any query regarding the installation feel free to ask.



I have installed it in my PC and its working perfectly. This is a nice afl for me to check buy-sell signal.

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